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Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday LIZZIE!

11 years ago today our Spotted Girl was born.
We can't believe how fast the time has passed and how much one dog can be loved.
Well in fact, she was loved before she was born as we waited for her a long time.
Lizzie has been my Dalmatian model, a wonderful model who works for food.
It is amazing she is not overweight because food is her life!
The day I brought her home at exactly 8 weeks of age the only way she wouldn't cry as I held her in the car on the ride home was to let her eat little puppy chow nuggets and she cried after each one was gone.
The training of "Mom" had begun and she was on the road to teaching me everything she wanted me to know.
Leo and I laugh at this story ...his philosophy is "They deserve to be spoiled" ...he is not the dog whisperer.
But here is the thing about Liz....she has been a wonderful girl. Happy and full of life, never destructive, trust worthy, yes a tad spoiled, very very smart and extremely loving to us. Pretty darn healthy too. Thank Heavens!
So Happy Birthday our Lizzie and we wish for many more birthdays and tons of inspirations for paintings that help ....Dalmatians in Need.
Lizzie was not a rescue Dalmatian...we don't have many Dals at all in these parts but her likeness has sold around the world in oil paintings and those donations are our way of giving thanks for her and her contribution for being my Muse for shelter dogs everywhere!

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