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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organized Chaos?

The Organized Chaos... that is my work corner of my studio.
Some things that are currently "works in progress" to share in their earliest stages can be seen below...

The official count is 8 in progress pieces of art but 4 are very near completed.
The following are in the Ugly Stages of near-new. Very raw but it gives a glimpse of how I start if you are interested in my process.

Year of the Cat series # 3 ...MARCH "In the Wind"

The next two are for our ART HELPING ANIMALS
September Focus on Rescue

we will be highlighting
Saluki Rescue STOLA


And lastly...the newest Dachshund Rescue painting in the works
with "Oscar" once again as my furry Muse.
His mom (Pam) keeps me inspired by sending me reference images that I keep on file for that moment when a Doxie is just the right note for helping rescue!

a LONG way to go as you can see.
And it is all good... as I work to wrap them up and look forward to some new plans for Fall,
that will include a special piece for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay for their
yearly OCTOBER event.


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