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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Karma, Drama, Dharma and the Dance...

Huntress Moon
to view and print on demand
all sales will be donated to rescues
So here's the thing...all my work in any form until the end of the year is being donated 100% to non-profit rescues. Rescue is where my heart lies.
If you know me or know my work or my passion that is not news.

The reason for this is that millions of pets are disposed of in this society on a disgustingly regular basis and yet we are such a "pet friendly" society. We spend billions on our pets. We have pets in almost every household. 
 And yet, and YET millions are put death every year.
 SPAY AND NEUTER, people!  can it be said enough?
So you have these dedicated volunteer rescues, and some of the well funded larger ones like Best Friends who really pack a punch in scope and education of the public...but it is the little guy, the grass roots efforts, the "regular"  people in the trenches...that I am compelled to pour my work into. 
And this need to paint and share it... is Soul Work for me. 
So I am already beyond gratified that ANY work I have done has been able to help even a little. 
Last year I was hardly able to give anything to rescues as I was sidelined. But now as I am back in training, while I still work on the old shoulder injury, I am able to create work again that helps. Blessings and joys I can't even describe. 
Painting is magical.
Piece of white canvas, a bunch of scruffy tubes of oil color and some brushes...
POW! A painting comes to life. Amazing to me! I still don't understand it myself.
But I do love the magic of art. And then...Alchemy! It becomes more than itself, more than just a pretty can actually transform to help others. It provides green energy to homeless animals or other charities.
While I was "deployed" from my old life and unemployed by the new nature of the "business of healing" and all kinds of internal Drama that ensued from that chapter of my life...You know the part of life where your story starts to sound like a bad country song?...the Karmic light started to shine again.
What do you do?
You shed the old skin and you shake the drama off your karma and you start the dance! I've been dancing and spinning and flying, ever since.
(Insert Snoopy Dancin' image get the picture!)
That is where I find myself today. I am so thankful I have the Muse back in my corner, I am thankful that the old life is behind me, I know I have a chance to still do for others in a way that is practical and gives a little ease to bad situations and comes from my own hand. Offered lovingly.
I am an Artist.
We always wish we could do more. There is so much need. If everyone does their little part then it all comes together in a much bigger way than the parts of ourselves. 
That, to me, adds up to hopeful.
 And isn't it wonder-filled to begin from a hopeful place?
I am working on all kinds of new art with new enthusiasm and painting subjects and different things I have not done in years. So freeing and so much fun. 
Join in the Dance.
Stay Tuned!
Peace and cheers,

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