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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The High And Mighty or... Lets meet ALURA!

First things first! (rescue photo)

Meet "ALURA"...she was born in June of 2011 and is almost a year old.

She has been in foster care the whole time...she REALLY deserves a forever home of her own. She lives in FL. Totally available for adoption through:

You can read all about it at the rescue link!


But, Jay...I have to tell you about him too, he is the founder of TLS...I met Jay at least 12 years ago...he was one of the original DALPALS on the "AOL Dalmatian message board" where all the dal folks hung out...way before Facebook was invented!

It is where my passion to paint to help rescue animals really started and later led me to Stella Violano and Art Helping Animals...another story!

but Jay...well he is a huge hearted person who had the knack of animals finding him and just getting rescued.

He has set up his tribute to London...his rescued Dalmatian...and has done so much with rescues and transports and networking to help I don't even know the half of it...I just know he DOES the work, and walks the talk. Please read all about the work on his site. There are a lot of "Happy Tales" to look at also!


This painting: "The High and Mighty" is available for sale.

100% of the sale goes to this rescue (minus the shipping fee) the Buyer can claim the TAX DEDUCTION and have a collectible original oil!

you will help save a life and keep the work for rescue going.

If this PAINTING speaks to you...

email me to purchase!

It will also be posted on THE DAILY PAINTER's GALLERY for sale on Saturday.

it is on the ART HELPING ANIMALS blog


please share if you are so inclined!



to purchase.

THANKS so much for looking and helping animals.


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