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Sunday, July 19, 2009

FIRST LOOK! - Work in Progress 3 new ones!

These next 3 pieces are on the easel. I have been busy. But not as busy as the rescues that I paint to help. There are an increasing amount of animals ending up in shelters and not in the nicest ways. Of course we want to save them all. We have to focus on what good we can do and just keep going forward.

One of my very favorite rescues is DAMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY. They are good people working their fingers and hearts to the bone to get these animals saved. Not all are pure breds. Does that matter? No. I was inspired for this first one below by a photo of a mixed breed Dalmatian named "KELLER" who is a deaf girl in foster care. Available to be adopted! Visit their site for the info.
The painting is entitled: Her World Is Silent, Her Dreams Are Not

This second one is the second in the 12 painting series The Year of the Cat...this is February.
It will be offered for Friends Of Bristol (RI) Animal Shelter. Right now there is an interested party who may reserve the painting so check back on that. The model who inspired this cozy scene is Sunshine...she was adopted.
The title is: Fireside Dreams Come True

Lastly this painting has the least amount of work done but will be a BIG WINNER...why you ask? Because this painting is for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay and it will be 100% donation to the rescue when sold. The model is AnnaMae and she is up for adoption being fostered by one of my heroes in FLORIDA, the dog magnet known to the street dogs as just "Jay" the painting will be auctioned with All proceeds to the rescue. They are swamped in dogs right now and not simple shampoo and feed a bit and find a home...but serious health issues, expensive ones. So...

Stay tuned for the finish of these paintings I will update and we will keep on painting for homeless animals hoping to do the best we can to help in this imperfect world.

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