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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1st! Follow-up To WIPs...

Both of these paintings are finished and have SOLD. In both cases they sold before I could officially list them (reserved from First Look) and the rescue that benefitted was
WILLING HEARTS DALMATIAN RESCUE, an official Art Helping Animals supported charity.

An additional donation went out to Montgomery Humane Society as thanks for the use of the ref image of the Dal puppy in foster care who inspired the painting "The Little Dipper."

Both of these models were once abandoned Dalmatians who now live in wonderful loving homes.

The Little Dipper
(Cole Edward)

My New Life Will Have Gardens
My approach to using reference images for paintings for rescue is always interesting to me.
I often have no plan to do a particular painting and then I see a photo (especially of a homeless animal) and it justs suggests a scene, a feeling or a moment in time that I can create around it.
Sometimes people send me images and give me permission to use them if & when the inspiration strikes me. I just never know when it will click.
The painting above of Oreo, a dalmatian recently rescued and starting Foster Care, getting him ready for his forever home, was one of a series of images that showed his first day in a home. Oreo never made it as a foster dog...he was adopted by the family who wanted to foster him!
The image of him tired and resting in the back seat of their car on the first day just suggested the painting above to me. While it was not a dead-0n portrait of Oreo, the ref image gave me the information to translate into the finished work. The background is completely from my imagination and it gave me the title.
thanks for stopping by...I will be adding the updates of the other Work in Progress paintings soon.
I have 2 new Labrador Retriever paintings swirling in my mind and will be doing something new for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay and NARA airedale rescue very soon.

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