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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Madness! What does that get you?

Dalmatian Moon
Because this is an ART BLOG as well as a chatty patty blog I share this painting that sold last year to help DRTB to illustrate how this week has made me feel!
Yesterday it was a day of taking a step forward and hopping about 6 steps back.
ARGH! Frustration!
I really hate days like that but I ask myself what can I make out of it?...I ask this once I get a little distance, a little perspective, a glass of wine maybe.
So this morning after a good night's sleep I am able to say that the
Waxing Moon, that will soon be full and bright, just slowed me down to a reflective state instead of a high energy, buzzing around and bull in a china shop momentum.
Well what did that get me? a chance to decide to catch up with some life and home things before they get away from me.
It made me rebalance.
I could stop being frantic and realize that I have work that is getting finished and ready to go.
I have work in progress that I personally like and I have a plan to begin the 30x48 dalmatian seascape that is a commissioned piece.
So in other words... in a note to me from the Universe...
Take a break, take a pause, take a look around. Look at the bigger picture.
Oh,.... OK. I can do that.
I tend to jump up and run in 10 directions at once and wonder why I hit the wall every so often.
So I will heed the wisdom of the Universe...
I will howl at the moon and pay attention and find a pattern of order.
It's there I just have to SPOT it.
this is the way to enjoy the process that gets lost in the flurry of confusion of activity.
The Universe is Wise when you step to the side and stop and listen.
Have a great day...go at your own pace and remember to breathe!
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