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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lost in the it would seem.

"Like a Spiral in a Spiral..."
(sold oil painting)
Just an illustration of where the rest of this month has driven me.
Funny I should say "driven" as I have one dead car sitting in my driveway just as I was in the final stages of replacing it with another one.

But...I keep asking myself as I resolve this little matter ...What is the Universe telling me. Last week I was under the weather and rested. Then I wasn't going ANYWHERE literally!
I am not a person who believes in randomness. I do believe there is meaning to be had from life's experiences. So is it telling me to go slower? To stop and look around at what I am doing?
To be more deliberate? WHAT?
I am in the middle of 10 things and the last two weeks keeps sending me to the bench.
So I have to step back yet again and try to sort this.
I will do it. It will be all resolved.
I am asking for the powers that be to lend a hand, toss me a rope, give me a boost up...Patience?
maybe that is the lesson.
I will ponder that as I go through the day.
Wishing everyone smooth sailing today!

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  1. Beautiful painting Carol, when you feel like that, think: I can paint, I have my love of Art. Pity the folk who don't!