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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Your Point of View....My Point of View...

The glass HAS to be half allows you to keep going forward!

Today I had the wonderful experience of hand delivering a painting I had completed t0 the couple who commissioned the work. It is a little bit nerve wracking when you hand the painting over, they unwrap it and you hope they will love it.

Most of my work is done over the internet, I paint and ship and get feedback by email. It is something when you actually meet the client and see their reaction. People react emotionally to see their pet as Art.

A funny thing happened with this particular painting. I worked from snapshots. I used 2 of the better ones to try to capture the dog and meld my vision with what they described to me about this dog that had crossed the Bridge a few years ago.
When they saw the painting I explained that I did my best to recreate their dog on the canvas, the snapshots were a little distant so I did my best with them.

They say they see their dog looking back at them and couldn't be happier.

Then they showed me a picture of the dog that not only WOULD have been an excellent reference but my painting actually matched exactly! The client explained that she was afraid to send me the image incase it was damaged or destroyed and it was their favorite image of the deceased pet!
What a surprise for both of us...LOL!

I always explain to clients that it really does help me when they can tell me about their pet's particular characteristics it makes a huge difference in the quality of my painting if I can connect with the subject at a deeper level. There is nothing generic about painting portraits, be it people or animals. You have to find that spark or twinkle that makes them...them.

The other most wonderful aspect of this whole thing...I got to make a donation today to help homeless animals. The best blessing of my work selling!

Art helping really works. And is a Win-Win-Win!

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