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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Empty Bowl - not so empty!

A metaphor for being open to all good inspirations, aspirations...and keeping my lines of communication open.
Yesterday I sent out my thoughts to the Universe (and a call to my Muse who I envisioned was away on vacation...still) although I have a different perspective on this today.
I have come to realize she has been giving me some space.
I needed a break, a pause, a deep sigh. I was beating myself up with the idea that I was stepping away from the canvas for too long. Realizing that I have been painting hundreds of works with a feverish need to make my donations that help.
AH.....this morning I made the donations without painting! Without lifting a brush to canvas. It doesn't feel the same obviously, when a painting sells and I make a donation then it is a 3 way WIN and it has that added magic to it that makes it all worthwhile. The painting gets a home too!
HOWEVER....I was inspired to give to a local rescue FAXON ANIMAL RESCUE FALL RIVER MA. as someone told me the story yesterday that they rescued a cat, brought the cat for vet care to the Sylvan Vet Care that is attached to Faxon, saw my name and website on their "CREATIVE WAYS TO GIVE" page.... I didn't even realize they had me linked there...and I thought it was a good way to start my January.
This morning on Facebook I read about RESCUE INK and the work they are doing for the neediest animals....BINGO! Donation sent.
I will start painting soon...there are many EMPTY BOWLS out there that need filling. Money is GREEN have to keep the energy moving. It is GOOD KARMA. Helping feels GOOD.
The Muse will be joining me soon ...all tanned and rested I am sure. I have a few conversations planned. I'll be happy to see her when the timing is just right.
She has worked awfully hard beside me the last 4 years. I guess she deserved a break.
Stay tuned!

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  1. I love this did need a break...the well goes dry if you put nothing rest...and when the time is right you will be going like crazy again! I love the bowl you did in the open is very wonderful...and love your thoughts today. J