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Monday, January 04, 2010

Two Sides of the Coin...

Standing right behind the house and looking out toward the east is the cove of the river that is the scene I see from up in the studio. This is the beginning of the New Year with a fresh, clean and sunny point of view.
Now flip around 180 degrees...

... and look west from the previous image and you see my studio up in the trees. The last window on the left is where my easel is and that corner is the south side, so on a day like today it is pretty warm and bright. I have removable frosted panels in the windows to cut the bright glare and still let in the light.
Letting in the light in this darkest season of the year is what we do here at Casa Chretien. We aren't very fancy or have many things but it is a wonderful home base to create from.
I count my blessings everyday.
Today I am still getting all the loose ends together and prepping for a month of creativity. I hope you can join me on this 2010 Odyssey...Let the games begin!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to their NEW YEAR!

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