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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quiet Contemplation...In a Capricorn way...

This is pretty much where I am at the moment.

I have been reading my horoscope the last week or so and it seems that by that measure I am finding myself reevaluating all my methods of operation. Mercury is in retrograde and things seem to be spinning backwards.

I am working on refining my website and reworking my schedules to help me get into that place where I can be my most creative. What does it all mean?

Every year my resolutions (some say you should not make them as you set yourself up for failure) seem to involve 3 things: the search for CLARITY, better ORGANIZATION, and BALANCE.
Here I am again. So THIS year I am calling them "ASPIRATIONS" (thanks Stella!) and looking at what steps will get me there. SO Capricorn.

I just read that one of the traits of a Cap is that you want to SEE the net before you leap...but if you don't see it... YOU want to make it yourself. LOL!

Seems what drives me is that I need to have a purpose. I need to make a difference. That is very much me. "You can see the wheels turning" is what one of my instructors once said to me in a post class discussion. Another told me to STOP! working on my work. I was obsessing I guess on some type of perfection. I can't seem to just cruise if I am doing something worthwhile.

Ah well...I am finding ways this month to make life more colorful for my Mom as we repaint her living spaces in new and refreshed colors!

I have a call out to my MUSE....waiting for the call back! ...I hear distant laughter I think.

I hope your day is going in a forward motion but ...if you are in the retrograde spin ...look within, and, if you see me...WAVE! :)

The painting above is available and listed on eBay as we speak.

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