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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Business As Usual...The Muse is Home!

WORK IN PROGRESS ....first pass....
This new painting (ABOVE) is a work in progress for BRISTOL ANIMAL SHELTER
this painting is inspired by one of their adoptable young white cats..."BRIE"
Who could possibly say NO to those blue eyes? If My 16 yr old thug of a cat named Emmi would allow another cat in my house I would be first in line for this beauty.
When the painting is done I will list it for sale with 20% going to the rescue when sold.

AND...below is the finished painting first posted yesterday for RIMROCK of their adoptable "Honey."

Just on the easel this afternoon is a Dalmatian for DALMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY
and a new black lab seascape for OLD DOG HAVEN...yes...the Muse is kicking butt and taking names!

Stay tuned....

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