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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sometimes it is just fun!


I am closing in on the finish and will be offering this painting to help rescue soon.

What a week I have had in the studio....all sorts of paintings started and that is always great for me because one idea usually breeds many others.

This painting is maybe the start of a little series. It has been suggested to me that this might be a fun little nursery piece of art. Well my dalmatian Lizzie has a nice cache of toys to choose from...I may have to find some colorful stuffies to paint.

A few more touches and this one is done. I am taking it a little slower to add the details I enjoy
My Happy Pig painting and the Bunny in the Hosta painting are up on eBay...My Emmi painting is still available "Catching Butterflies" but I am in no hurry to part with it. In fact, it may become part of my permanent collection...the more I look at it in my studio the more I want to keep that one.
Much more to come....Finishing up my White in-progress oil, a Rainbow Bridge series painting and another chapter in the Cat & Mouse-Toy Tales series that is swirling around trying to take form in my imagination.

Stay tuned....

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