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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twit, Tweet, Type, Chat, Chatter, Blog


So many people with so many things to say...who is reading? who is Listening? I never know...we just send it off into the ether.

I am not so found of hearing myself blather and enjoy reading interesting things others want to share...but I will be honest...I love looking at art better!

It speaks for itself. It is what it can you.

Sometimes it has a lot to communicate and sometimes not.

I try to find some emotion in the making of art. I admit it doesn't matter to me what the subject is...there have been times making a piece of work is about the challenge of the see if I can pull off a representational feat.

I can. I have the ability to produce an effect, be it water, glass, human, animal, vegetable, effect.

Ok, that being done, the object of my deep affection for the medium of oils brings me to find the emotional aspect of the stroke, the color, value, tones, passages, serendipity, lines, form, construction, juxtapositions, inconsistancies, spaces, memories, old news, innovations, questions, answers, yadda yadda. A reason to paint beyond what the medium teaches me, beyond trying to create something from tubes of color smeared around on cloth.

And in the end the hope of a connection made from me to you...from the two dimensional paint, cloth, and ideas that I call my art, that will carry you someplace for a moment or longer maybe. A connection that will have a life of its own.

Stay tuned....

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  1. You know how I love your roses, Carol! And your yada, yada, yada isn't bad either! Keep up the good work. :)