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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Reason


Wading In
new oil on canvas
with 100% donation
(Meet Harrison below)
Today that is just what I did...I went wading into the story of a Dalmatian boy
who desperately needs help.
I was thinking about something the other day...I heard someone on TV say "There is a REASON why she is here in this life..." it was in reference to a very sad situation that the person has been born into, but the idea was that even in adversity there is a REASON for her being here greater than the difficulties.
I think there is a reason I can paint a bit. Why I was drawn to do came out of nowhere as these things do. It was an innate ability that I had from childhood. It was the way I was wired I guess. No one in my family had the interest or inclination to make art.
It's a nice past could do it quietly at home and never show it. You don't have to succeed or fail.  But there was a REASON for me to have this knack. I believe it was to use it in a way that made it so much more than itself. Art that helps. So you need to put it out there. And while I was never going to be a "master" or create world famous art I was going to find a way to do my art my own way and love it or leave it, use it to help animals in need. If a painting resonates with someone it ends up helping and that to me is success in spades!
So that brings me to this painting above.
I am offering it for sale with the entire amount going to help "HARRISON"
he is a Dalmatian that was found injured in Houston TX June 17th , put in a shelter and a message was sent out as "Urgent Medical Rescue Needed" it was for Rescue Only to spring him from the shelter and get him medical help.
Expensive medical help as Harrison has multiple fractures in his pelvis and a dislocated hip.
He was pulled from that shelter by someone who helps rescue but is NOT "a rescue" so he was given help by DALMATIAN RESCUE of SOUTHERN FLORIDA. They helped make arrangements to champion this dog's cause and get him some funding to help with his upcoming surgery.
Many hands can make miracles happen.
DRSF has set up a CHIP-IN to help him. If everyone could donate the price of a cup of fancy coffee or ANY amount they can afford it would help with this vet expense.
Or it can be sent directly to the vet.
Information is all on the Dalmatian Rescue Site.
Please pass this info on to anyone who might be interested in helping.


I am in Massachusetts, Harrison and his main rescuer Shelby (bless you!) are in Texas, The Dal rescue is in Florida...It doesn't matter where you are located, we are all in the same place when we stand together heart-to-heart.
if you want to contact me to reserve the painting
to simply make a Chip-In donation

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