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Sunday, June 03, 2012

On the Easel...update... WIPS!

Here we go! this was work from Saturday June 2nd. Take a peek!

This new garden painting has a way to is much sunnier in person than this image.
I am debating on adding some animals seems to tell me it might work. Unsure of that direction at this point...I am letting it evolve. It is oil on masonite panel 9x12. So far I am happy with it.

These Asian Apple-Pears were quite delicious...yes, I ate them. Shared them with Lizzie in fact. LOL.  It is about 3/4's done...this was the second pass. I Love still life and would paint it endlessly but I admit...I do love painting animals because of the life in their eyes so I try to mix it up. This painting is actually high key light and in the final pic I hope to get a better image. But this one I love and could live with it if I have to!
wink wink
It is 9x12 oil on a canvas panel.

This white rose is another of those great exercises for me. When I paint subjects like this I get totally lost in the work. It is very much a meditation. I spend a lot of time making minute and subtle color decisions that will make or break the painting. Going for the inner glow, the labyrynth of the petals, the mandela of the rose. White roses, my favorite, represent the spiritual element.
This is oil on Ampersand panel.
So that is what I have worked on so far this weekend and today is another day of painting. New pieces to follow.
thanks for looking.

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peace & cheers!

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