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Monday, June 11, 2012

Easel Update: Work in Progress...take a look!

Pepper Pot
(newest work in progress)
This is not a great shot but it is also in the early stage of work.
Small 8x10 still life...enjoyable challenge for me.
This is on a panel.

Summer Wind
(almost finished)
oil on canvas mounted panel
I posted this on Facebook yesterday after finishing for the day.
Nice response to it. husband said WOW...that is always a nice comment coming from him. Appreciated. :o)
This painting will help Bristol Friends of Animals Shelter, Bristol RI
should it eventually sell when I post it finished.
It is a pleasure for me to base paintings on Emmi as my model and still feel the connection to her as I paint.
Sometimes I just use her pose, sometimes her coloring, sometimes a true representaion.
The main thing is even from the Bridge she is still an inspiration and a practical helper to those animals in need still trying to just get a chance at a life by being rescued and rehomed. The sale of my artwork of her helps to do that.
All my work in 2012 that sells goes to Charity 100%
There are paintings still available for sale to help rescue.
Just scroll through my posts here on the BLOG
or visit my website at this LINK:
I will be updating that1 site this week.
email me if you have any questions!

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