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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's ALL Good...on the easel....

New Work On the Easel 

"Watching Me...Watching You, Again"

When I get stuck I did last painting, no inspiration, I turn to Emmi
She always comes through for me.
I have a million images of her and she is so alive in my heart.
This painting came forward and presented itself to me,
A gift from my sweetie...maybe it will be offered for sale to help others,
maybe I will keep is all good.
Leo walked into the studio and said..."It's my Emmi"
yes, yes indeed.
Yesterday it came together...before I started painting in the morning,  it was a horror.
I hated what I was pushing around on that canvas...then I started to paint.
She appeared and won me over.
That is the magic of does not always go in the direction you think it will.
Oh...there are parameters but something dead and mechanical is not my way.
I can't just draw something out and follow it like a plan.
I have to have the alchemy or mystery of what will join me on the canvas. It can't be simply a this, put that has to have some magic to it.
So Thursday I half heartedly grabbed a canvas ...looked through a bunch of Emmi images to stoke the fire and then I just started in.
Reached the snag...hit the wall...looked at 2 days of painting and thought
"well this looks like is not speaking to me at all"
Then ...yesterday we turned the corner and there was the magic.
The Muse came into the studio and I started 6 ...YES, six new pieces. 5 of them I feel will make the grade...1 is iffy. And they are all different.
I am renewed. I am gratified. I feel blessed.
Maybe they will help homeless animals.
We'll see.
It is not, after all, all up to me.
Living like I really mean it,
peace & cheers!

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  1. Wonderful story and painting of Emmi . Looking forward to seeing more :) You are an inspiration.