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Friday, November 05, 2010

Where everyone wins... It starts with US!

All of us.
One of best things I have experienced over the last decade is having met some of the best and most generous and hard working people in the world. Big statement, I know.

Most of these "meetings" have been on line or by phone or email, but none the less, very special.
It has prompted me to want to work harder to raise money for homeless animals and work harder to be able to give all that I can.

The project we just finished together is one that helped People and Animals! It was a great idea lent to me by a Facebook friend (Rebecca) as I have mentioned before but it was also a way of helping me learn about another wonderful rescuer.

Judith Farrar was the winning name that came out of the hat. I had never heard of her before the raffle but have heard alot about her since! :o)

She has been one of the best helpers and "foster Moms" for Dalmatian Rescue Tampa Bay.
I was told by Susan and Pat of DRTB that she has fostered 24 dalmatians for that rescue! That is 24 dogs that definately have been given a headstart of a new life.

She does not have a dog of her own, much less a Dalmatian! She has made herself available to helping reshape the lives of these rescue dogs so that they may be ready to go to their forever homes.

What a gift of a volunteer she is to that rescue. Judy told me in an email that she has a siamese cat "Simone" that is the official "Cat Friendly" tester for rescue dogs who stay in her home. A little 8 lb cat will let her know who is the dal that will go to home with a cat in the family. is so great to "meet" you. The painting is on the way!

So once again...EVERYBODY WINS! and I am so proud to know so many good people.

A packet of info that went out with the check.
YOUR donation mattered and YOU can claim it on YOUR taxes.
I will not be claiming that check on mine.
Your gifts were so appreciated!

Carol Chretien

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