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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Healing Art....

We who love animals, are IN love with animals and are owned by our "pets" (if you remember your 101 Dalmatians you remember that "Pongo" called Roger HIS "pet")...same applies to our situation.

Our 2 animals are growing older and it hurts to see time passing. I am comforted by the fact that all the love given to them comes back to us 10 fold. They have wonderful lives.
It is our duty that we make it our duty to give them the best.

I have had the opportunity to make a friend on Facebook because of my love for all things Dalmatian and yet it is a little bittersweet.

I discovered Dayna Hilton, a firefighter and her dog SPARKLES the FIRE SAFETY DOG and all the great work they have done teaching children about how to stay safe and about fire prevention.

Sparkles passed on shortly after my finding out about her.
Dayna Hilton is going on with the work and has two beautiful Dalmatians in her life. One of them is Tango and one is a young pup named Siren.
Siren is a striking blue-eyed boy who has some big paw prints to fill.

When Dayna posted a pic of Siren I was so taken by him that I asked if I could paint him...I saw in him the idea that He would go on and maybe be the healer for her and be the light for lots of kids, maybe continuing with Sparkles' work going forward.
She gave me permission to paint Siren and below is the finished painting and my concept of Siren answering the call to duty.
I hope the painting helps Dayna's heart heal along with Sparkles' legacy....and all the good things that Siren will bring to many lives. This painting is my gift to Dayna and to help with her work.

Siren's Call To Duty
oil on canvas
gifted to Dayna Hilton in memory of Sparkles.

All proceeds from this painting's use will benefit the foundation for teaching children fire safety.


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  1. Your painting is beautiful! Just beautiful! I absolutely love it. I came to know Dayna and Sparkles on Facebook too, and am impressed with their work. What a generous thing for you to do. I look forward to following Siren. My very first dog was a dalmatian named Schuyler. Such a sweet and gentle dog.