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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Oils?

Why do I choose oils? I so admire many of the other mediums but no matter what I have tried, I always return to my first love...
Oil Paint.
Wild Woman
available oil on canvas

I fell in love with them in my teens and many decades later still appreciate the light and depth of oils.
They really depend on the lighting they are viewed in. You can move an oil painting from one source of light to another and see a whole different painting.
I notice this particular characteristic when looking at landscapes. The light in the painting changes.
This works because the light shines through the oil paint to the canvas and back out to the eye.
You will notice how certain passages will almost have a "light from within" warm light really brings the warm colors forward.
One of the challenges of taking photos, and now with digital sharing, you try to get the best light for images in afternoon north light.
What you see on your computer monitor may still be nothing like the actual painting.
When I send out my paintings to the client I am always hopeful they will see the work as so much more dynamic and full of life. Especially animals. Those faces and eyes are very lively and dimentional when you are looking at the actual canvas.
You also get the benefit of the brush and daubs of color that are missed in the digital example. Texture is also missed unless you are looking at the real thing.
But we must work with what we have and the images travel far and wide online and really have impact in audience reach.
One of the nicest and poignant comments I get is that my works makes the viewer emotional. That is pretty cool when you think that I am taking pigments and materials and arranging them on a piece of cloth to transform into something that has heart.
That is Alchemy in the truest sense. It is a magical, mystical thing even to me.
Where does it come from?
I really do have the best job in the world. Sometimes I don't even know what will appear on the canvas as I go. It often seems like it is already there and I just seem to uncover it. That is something most artists must encounter.
Another of the attributes of oils is that the paint often suggests where to go next. This is hard to explain except to say it remains a teacher of sorts for me.
This is today's ramble. :)
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Have a grace-filled day!

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