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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I'm BAAAAACK!!!!! Oh happy day!

Well I am so very happy to make it official and say I am back to work again!
It has been an awesome weekend of painting for me. What a great start. I always wonder when I have been away from it for awhile how hard will it be to pick up again from where I left things. I used to be afraid I would forget "how" to paint. Each time I have come back better for taking the break. It always surprises me and humbles me when it works out.
First of all, the weather was perfect to have all the windows open, no fans or a/c needed and just great light all the way around.
Below is the second pass of this new painting:
"WILD WOMAN" is the title of this piece.
Very fluid piece of painting. All about the light as usual. It is so much fun painting the effects of light that create drama and hopefully draw you in.

oil on canvas
email to reserve this painting.
20% of the sale will help a rescue
I have several other things on the easel that are commissions and a very rough start to a Rainbow Bridge inspired painting. Will be posting updates soon.
Thanks for looking.

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