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Monday, August 16, 2010

The way it all works...

....Inspiration....your names are Annie and Oscar!
Annie (above) photo by Pam

Oscar (photo by Pam)

Yesterday afternoon after painting all day (on a commission and a piece for rescue) I sat and thought ....What will I work on next?

I stared at a blank canvas, I went through some of my old photos for inspiration and that just brought me to a trip down memory lane.
I spent over an hour totally lost in time. I looked back 20 or 30 yrs at people I love who have passed, at people who have aged...even my husband...I looked at images of our former pets and our current two, Lizzie and Emmi who are 12 and 17 respectively. Lizzie turns officially 12 in less than 2 weeks! Where does all the time go?

When I put the cover back on the box and realized I was back in 2010 it was such a sad feeling. I smothered our Lizzie with hugs and kisses (because she really loves this) and went off to make tea and cookies...we shared a cookie "party" and I felt resigned and better. I even added it to my facebook status. If that doesn't smack you with "2010" what will? LOL!

But then came today and the Muse was just waiting...I was working online and I stopped by Facebook and see my friend Pam's photos of her fabulous dachshund Oscar and one of Annie the beagle and I am instantly INSPIRED!

Pam always generously allows me to use her wonderful images to inspire paintings that help rescue and I am so anxious to work up the immediate visions I see when looking at these two faces.

They will be my first Christmas paintings for rescue this year.

A shout out to Pam for being such a great rescue worker.

She has helped get many beagles and others into good homes matching up families with the right pet. Pam has inspired some of my favorite paintings with the loan of her terrific photography.

Thanks Again ...PAM!
Come back in a little while and see where this inspiration takes us!

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