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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Passion for Painting ...award...


What a lovely gesture and surprise to receive this compliment from a fellow artist!

Recognition from one's peers is one of the greatest compliments ever, and I have been recognized by friend and artist Vernita with the "Passion for Painting Award." Thank you, Nita!

Vernita Bridges-Hoyt

is a wonderful artist who paints beautifully rich oils and uses other mediums to express her own point of view of her world and Texas among other topics.
She generously supports homeless animals with her artwork.
Check out her blog to see images of her beautiful artwork site.

For receiving this award I am asked to list seven things I love and then to pass the award on to seven other deserving artists.

Seven things I love...aside from my Husband & family including our pets Lizzie & Emmi & painting in oils to help homeless animals ....of course :o) seven are:
1. The scent of a summer morning before the heat rises & Crisp Autumn Days
2. Possibilities
3. Egoless Goodness
4. Humor
5. Enchanting Tales
6. Simplicity
7. The first sip of Drambuie over ice (my occasional indulgence)
And now, A Passion for Painting award goes to:
These artists inspire me to paint just by looking at their work.
I hope you will visit all their sites as their art is so varied in style. I am sure you will enjoy their art very much.

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