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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeling grateful for my life...

People tell me all the time the time that they wish they could paint...
I guess I wish I could play the piano....I would play all the the time if I knew how.

Painting is a weird thing for me in that I would have to LEARN how to play piano but I feel as though I was born with this ability to translate what I am thinking about into a painting.

Sometimes, many times, I am just holding the brush and a painting appears.
I am so thankful for the chance to do this work.

Below are 2 new pieces I am working on...the first one is done for all intents and purposes. The second one is in progress.

"HAPPY AS A PIG..." is a loving and heartfelt remembrance of my Mother-in-law Christmas I gave her this planter in the still life above. I found it in that July while shopping and got the biggest kick out of it it had such an infectious grin that it made me laugh. Who would appreciate it more than her? She got a charge out of it. Her gardening was reduced to planting all sorts of containers on her patio and this was an addition that started me finding pig planters for her.
I miss her so much it is indescribable. She was a huge part of my life and heart and still is. I know she would love this painting.
Work in Progress: "Out From Under" is on the easel and is a loose and spontaneous moment caught in time. My Husband has hosta gardens all around our yard and we have a running joke about our plants being a salad bar for the local rabbit population...My husband's response to seeing this painting was "Are you busting me?" and a big laugh... it did cross my mind! LOL

both paintings will assist rescue when offered for sale.
contact me if you are interested before they go up for auction or on the Art Helping Animals or Daily Painter's Gallery sites.

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