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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Horses, Horses everywhere....

As promised, I am painting horses to bring some attention to the problem of starvation in the horse population in this country.
One report on the recent news spoke of a horse owner who brought his two horses to auction to try to sell as he could no longer afford to feed them. They did not sell so he tied them to a pole outside the auction house and hoped they would be found and cared for.
He thought that that fate was better for them then starving!
My first impulse is "how can I help?" that is what the purpose is to my passion and why
I am a dedicated artist in the ART HELPING ANIMALS fellowship.
Our link is in the box to the right.
The image above of "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"
is just the first pass on a new painting.
The fabulous photography of Mary R. Vogt was the inspiration for the piece used with permission.
The finished work will be posted on Art Helping Animals when it is available.
thanks for looking!
Coming soon...
Beach Pups!
Lab puppies exploring the beach.

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