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Friday, March 21, 2008

Portrait is a WIN-WIN proposition!

Portrait of Tucker
Last October a raffle for "a portrait of your pet for charity" was held at the
DAL-O-Ween Picnic in Tampa Bay, Florida.
100% of the fundraising effort went to the Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay.
It was my pleasure to offer my services as I have been doing with Dal rescue for the last 5 years.
It is so wonder-filled to be owned by a dalmatian...and wonderful for me to have made friends across the country in several Dalmatian Rescues.
I live in an area (Ma) where Dals are few and far between...but in Florida, California, Texas, and the mid-Atlantic states Delware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and Ohio it is not the case.
Working to help these areas of Dalmatian Rescue is a blessing for me.
Getting the word out about saving "death-row" Dals, rehoming, heartworm treatments, spaying and neutering, acute medical care, and caring for seniors abandoned and too old to be rehomed but still in need of loving care...
it is what these all-volunteer rescues do!
TUCKER was a much loved Dal, his "mom" Pat has been working very hard helping DRTB to save and rehome discarded dals.
Pat purchased a charity raffle ticket, she lost Tucker to age which was a very dear loss for her and her family...she won the raffle.
Bittersweet as Tucker's portrait becomes a memorial painting...but she has also supplied some great shots of Tucker's adventures and allowed me to create other work based on his life that ultimately helps even more homeless dals in the care of DRTB!
Tucker has inspired artwork that helps to keep on giving!
Recently Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay has recovered 12 abandoned Dals and through the tireless and giving work of their volunteers they have found homes for 11! is so worth your while to read about what they do on their site.
So much tragedy in the world...who cares about a bunch of discarded dogs? cats? animals in general?
WE DO! We have to...we are their voices, their protectors, their hope and their homes!
We allow animals to is our responsibility to see them through.
Support your local rescue.
Spay and Neuter... prevent needless suffering.
And thanks for looking!
Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring!

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