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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today's art blog is about sharing some work I really enjoy on many levels.
Angel art is a subject that captures me. I am a huge fan of the classical sculptures of Angels.
In these paintings below I have taken the inspiration from the sculptures and added my own voice to the subject .
The first painting below "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" was painted and sold at the end of last year and was a true joy to paint. Adding the sparrow in color to contrast the "stone" of the Angel makes the work live and gives a heartbeat to the piece.
This second one is purely contemplative with sunlight hitting a young garden angel with strong light.
"Quiet Contemplation" is about serenity and self reflection. This can be found on my website.

And my favorite, which I orginally painted to help BONES beagles rescue but decided to keep in my own personal collection (when it did not sell) is entitled "Little Angel of Hope" I based it on a verdi gris statue from an image on, used with permission, as a reference and inspiration.

The expression on the figure looking skyward and the angle of the piece as we look up to the angel makes it seem hopeful to me. I enjoyed making this art and it smiles in my studio keeping that attitude of hope always before me.
and... the latest angel painting can be found in a post on the blog below...also it is posted on my site and currently is listed on EBAY for sale with a donation to OLD DOG HAVEN senior dog hospice and rescue. "Welcome Home" is a piece of Rainbow Bridge Art and is the first of a planned series.

New work will be coming to the blog soon. Thanks for looking!

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