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Friday, March 28, 2008

Rainbow Bridge series ...continues

Detail of Angel eyes

"Every One is Precious"

About the painting and the series...

As I have said in the past, I love angels. I believe in Angels and I have my own vision of the Angels that assist souls who have passed across the rainbow bridge.


With each of the paintings in the series you are seeing the angels who bring themselves forward to me in my own view of who they are and what they would look like if I could see them in real life.


That is what/why art IS for many artists...bringing forward from "someplace" what we see in the inner places. What it ends up meaning is up to the viewer to complete, EVEN in realism, maybe especially in "realistic style" expressionism. Abstract by definition evokes interpretation. Painting realistically is more of a challenge...the viewer of the piece must look past the recognition of WHAT the objects are as recognizable in themselves and make all new connections...or not. If you don't have your own connection I can't imagine wanting to have the piece for your own.


This angel was a real challenge...I wanted to paint an Angel of would be a young Angel and the main challenge is to make an Angel look other-worldly and yet not too unreal.

I made the eyes a crystal blue and kept the kitten more solid.

The actual painting is a bit more crisp than the photos allow.


Coming Soon

paintings of horses...a subject I rarely have painted and hope that they will help feed the horses who are in rescue and need rehab and care during our national feed crisis that is

hurting many farmers and horse owners.

see you on the

AHA art blog!

Thanks for looking & helping homeless and needy animals with art!


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