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Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015...Life is so FAST!I

Miss Cami ... 
(photo...March 2015)  

Hello ...Looking at my Blog-less Blog ...feeling nostalgic and missing my Art time.

I had some high hopes for getting back into the swing of things in 2014 but other than getting the Studio sorted out and in working order and doing some work for practice...which I really did all just came to a halt as I remain busy with life and the family.

The sadness of it, for me, other than the obvious of missing the practice and enjoyment of creating the lack of my ability to donate to Rescue. All my past donations to helping animals in rescue through Art were made possible by the sale of artwork.

I can't even predict when I will restart.  Time is passing, I dream of painting, I am busy with other non-art projects and have not yet figured out a way to incorporate everything it takes to produce and promote and get the wheels back up and flying as I once did.

The only thing I can say is that I have faith that eventually it will once again come together but it will be an evolution that starts over from scratch. At least I would like to think so.

An Artist that is not making art has a piece of their puzzle missing from the box. My Muse tugs at me...a lot.

In any case, the three Cats in my life provide me with lots of inspiration for future work ...all new faces, stories, poses and ideas swirl around them...time will tell.  The Muse will get louder in my head and then....

Many Blessings to all.

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