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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Controlled Chaos...2012 devil!

original oil that sold to help rescue
(one of my favorite all time models)

Life is a challenge for most of us on our best days.
We share that commonality.
I am so fortunate and know it because I have had a great support system around me for my whole life.
Not everyone has that advantage so that alone makes you feel blessed.
2012 has been one Hell of Ride so far.
It has had the Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows.
I have learned so much by all the changes and experiences, and some of them have been first time ones at that, for better or worse.
I can best describe 2012 as
The understanding of it, the utilization of ways to manage it or just   
 functionally approach it, and ALL of the circumstances of change this year,
has served me well.
It is a great teacher. I am an attentive student.

No complaints here at all...
and I just want to acknowledge that fact.
I have updated my home page on my
to reflect the fact that I am not painting until futher notice.
I have received some emails for commission requests that remain on hold.
(of course I do NOT begrudge anyone wanting to go forward with other artists if they do NOT want to wait for a future time for me!)
I have no idea just how long this period will last.
The general plan is to reevaluate in 2013.
Lizzie is doing very well...much better than we hoped for and that is something that has its own shelf-life. Things can change in an instant.
Metacam and Tramadol are doing a fine job for her at the moment...ALONG WITH
really careful care and planning and total focus on our parts (Leo is the biggest help with this)...and anyone following along on Facebook gets our updates daily...HA HA! (you know who YOU are!)
so we march on
On August 24th she will be 14 years old.
We are so thankful for every moment...from the waiting for her to be born, to being chosen for us (we hoped it was HER and it was) by the Havilands at Deltalyn Dalmatians in Rehoboth, Ma. to all the fun and love we have enjoyed for all those 14 years.
Appreciating one day at a time with Lizzie is just fine with us.
We are making the most of the time given us...
the adventure continues.
More to follow!
Peace & Cheers,

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    This made me cry We still miss our Gizmo and some people have been mean about us getting Cosmo right away. We had no choice. The breeder was getting rid of 11 out of 12 of her dogs and it was either buy him and pick him up or most likely loose him. We were going to wait for a male puppy if and when we decided to move on but both breeders were not going to mate their dogs. No mistake---COSMO---you are amazing and the love and comfort from him is truely a blessing. To toot our own horn---he couldn't be more loved by anyone else. Gizmo is in God's hands and will always remain in our hearts. Lizzie and your family are in my prayers. That dog has been blessed to live at your home with such loving parents. Always Donna and Ted and of course COSMO