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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday...

...its all good
It's Monday Morning again....a new week of work and another chance to get things right!

I have been doing a lot of painting but it has been mostly commissioned work and I have not been able to share it but this piece is one that the recipient has now seen and likes and it is, in fact, the results of a donated "Custom OIL Painting" from a fundraiser for
This painting is a 12x12 oil, it was won at a fundraiser, the winner sent me her photos and this is the result of the prize. A one of a kind work of art of a one of a kind dog.
I am just about done...need to give it a touch or two and then sign off on this work.
Working to help homeless animals is my mission. We have so much need to provide for these innocent refugees more than ever!
They are losing their families at insane rates due to the economy. They never asked to be born. People still, in this time of "enlightenment"... do not spay and neuter as they obviously should and we still have Puppy Mills cranking out lots of pups. Pitiful!

Add to that, through no fault of their own, those people who have lost income, jobs and homes and have to surrender their family pets.
Some of them are elderly pets, some are elder people who can barely care for themselves.

We, who love animals stand together and try to help where we can. For some, it is their special breed, there are some WONDERFUL all-volunteer non-profit groups who go to the moon to help save these lives.
Others are all-breed (or who knows what breed) rescues who step up and help by pulling pets from high-KILL shelters and transport them to safety, provide medical care and rehab them to get them family-ready. And even breed-specific rescues often take in special need mixes because they can't let them die.

I am not any of the above...I am a painter who has a penchant for animals, wants to use the ability she has to take a bunch of oily colors from tubes and smear them around to create moments caught in paint that may touch a heart, cause a donation to happen from a sale or supply a "unique prize" that might help to save an innocent life from certain death.
All that to say I help raise funds and a little awareness through my art. At least that is my goal.

So Monday, Monday it is...yet again...and I have a chance to help make it count.
I am truly blessed.
If you got this far ...thanks so much for reading. If you have one of my paintings or have booked a commission...THANK YOU FOR HELPING!
you make what I do count for something more than just another pretty picture to hang on a wall.

Peace and Cheers!
love hearing from you

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