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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Portrait(s) part II - updates!

Continued from the previous post....
Today was four hours of finding details and molding faces...did a little eye work today.
For me the MOST fun is painting eyes. I just love it. Maybe I will do a canvas of only eyes...not a bad idea!
This top pic is of Nikki she has some qualities of expression like my own Lizz-meister.
And she looks like she could have a tiny bit of the "drama queen" in her personality.
Then I did some facial molding and correcting with Cleo. She is the keeper of the clan.
And a little more eye work but nowhere near where it is going to end yet. :) I was enjoying painting her mouth. Choosing this image was about keeping her smile and open face.

And the most fun today was painting Brandie ...she is a little beauty in the becoming. What a face. I really love her eyes...they are awesome.
I am taking lots of colors from the light background for shadows. When you are painting shadows you find many colors in the reflected light. Now the trick with this is that I am making up the whole sitting so I will tie everything together with shadow and light directions and somehow make it all work.
Being an artist that paints by the seat of her pants I am often very much an observer of my own process and half the fun is not having everything planned out in detail in advance. I would be highly bored and never finish a piece if that were the case.
That is MY way and MY preference to take an idea or inspiration and unravel it or discover it as I go along.

This was the most recent work just finished and I will dive in again tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

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