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Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Madness....fall cleaning!

(thought this old painting of mine made a nice illustration! circa 1981)
"The Attic"

I should have taken a picture of the IN PROGRESS major cleaning re-organizing that just was a week of my life but it was too horrible to capture in images...I emptied every room.

In reality I was in the process of "letting things go" after letting things GO for about 3 good years.

You know...clutter can build up in every closet, drawer, shelf, cabinet or cranny in the place as you "put things away" while you straighten up and do routine cleaning. In the last 3 yrs I have dedicated my time to paint for homeless animals and work on helping to make ART HELPING ANIMALS the great fellowship it is by being an active member of the team with my fellow artists.

I couldn't put off the house deep cleaning job any was time and time was up!

I now have a car load to donate to charity...VHS tapes, music, books, and bags of clothes from storage in my closets...I won't mention what is going off to the dump! Thank goodness for those roomy "contractor's bags"!!!!

Any I recuperate from the hard labor of the past week...I'm not getting any younger and there are muscles in my body that are screaming in protest, to remind me of the fact, AND I dropped into bed at 7:30 everynight to die ... the job is done. I have lightened up and let go of old things that clutter not only your SPACE but your MIND and creative processes.

Happy Day.

The Studio will be buzzing once again as I get back to business...Stay Tuned for new work and October fun!

I'd rather be painting!

cheers, All.

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