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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spooky Happenings Today....BEAGLES! FIRST LOOK!

You can
RESERVE this painting by emailing me:
20% goes to rescue!

10 x10
You can RESERVE this painting by emailing me:

Today I started the day with gathering some refs of BONES beagles up for adoption. They have several wonderful beagles in foster care they are preparing for their "forever homes"...2 beagles in particular caught my eye and I thought they would inspire some new work. "DEBO" and "BO" are there names.
As I was printing out the images I was thinking of my friend Pam, who is a BONES volunteer, and a few seconds later I received an email with a batch of images from the yearly BONES BEAGLE BASH.
There were a bunch of DEBO in the batch and I suddenly had my paintings taking shape in my mind.
I asked Pam if she could give me some more background about Debo as we hope he can get adopted to his own home and I want to tell his story.
SHE got an email from his foster mom telling her that not 10 minutes before she was just talking about his situation with the wonderful person who originally pulled him from the shelter he was found in.
So today was a day of hopefully VERY good vibes for Debo.
These are 2 works in progress that will be ready to go soon.
Both paintings are inspired by Debo and his information can be found

If you see paintings here in FIRST LOOK and love them,
please reserve them for purchase.
When they are gone...they are gone.
Thanks so much for helping homeless animals with art!

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