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Thursday, June 25, 2009

She's A Jersey Girl ...and she is adopted!

She's A Jersey Girl

I was planning on listing this painting as finally completed and now available... In the meantime it sold.
The BEST NEWS is she was adopted after I had decided to paint her, coincidence?

I had a run on beagle adoptions from BONES a while back where they got adopted as I was painting away! LOL I was a lucky charm they said! :o)

I did something different for this painting...I did a study of the painting first.
In actuality...I started it, got into it and then noticed a big defect in the weave of the canvas that was not something I would sell to anyone. But I went ahead and finished the first draft (not for sale!) I almost never to preliminary drawings...sometimes a few "thumbnail sketches to work out the composition...but never a pre-painting a painting, it is just not my way.

What I learned from that unexpected exercise was painting Tori Jem the second time was really much easier. I knew her by then. I also enlarged the canvas size and pushed her back so you could see more of her and widened the view of the ocean. So it was a great lesson.

I know many artists practice this regularly but painting small pieces for charity usually is pretty straight forward and I dive right into the piece always starting with the eyes.

Today this piece sold for charity but I did want to show it finished. Now if the other in-progress paintings in my studio could just dry a bit....I could finish a few more!

Donation to GREYHOUND FRIENDS OF NEW JERSEY honoring Tori Jem is on the way as promised!

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