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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tribute to a Lady

Always a Lady...
well not exactly in the beginning.
Lady was brought home to my Mother-in-law as a 6 months old puppy.
She was now going to be in her second "forever" home, taken from an adoption of a "shelter pets event" by my M-I-L's niece Eleanor as a birthday "gift"to her ...although, truth be told, she was really adding life to a home where my M-I-L was living alone after the passing of her husband and the more recent loss of her dog, Brandy.
Lady was a lanky mixed breed and we think a little bit kangaroo as she could spring straight up in the air and land on the back of the sofa. She was a wild child...and ALWAYS on the move.
She really filled the house with energy and was to become a real and true companion to my Mother-in-law.

Lady at 2 yrs
When my husband and I got our dalmatian puppy Lizzie, Lady was almost 2. She had grown tall and muscular. We always wondered what breed she was mixed with but there was never a clear answer looking at her.
My husband and I brought our 4 month old puppy to meet Lady who was completely thrilled to see Lizzie but it would take 2 visits before Lizzie was thrilled right back at her.
This is where Lady really shined. She was a very, very generous dog. As you can see in the photo below...Lizzie would take Lady's chewy bone right out of her mouth and lay down under her and munch away.
Lady never ever cared...she was just loving having dog company!
They ran through the house and roughed it up indoors and out until they were exhausted.
Lady could have Lizzie's whole head in her mouth and was as gentle as could be.
We visited with my husband's family always bringing Lizzie with us every other Saturday and for these dog buddies it was always great time.

When Lizzie was 2 yrs and Lady 4 a new friend was added to this pack. My husband's cousin Eleanor got a chocolate lab pup named Pebbles. She brought her to the visits every other Saturday and Lady was thrilled. Lizzie, not so much.
The dynamic of the 3 dog pack on these visiting weekends was Lizzie thought she was BOSS, Lady let her think so, Pebbles was the low man on the totem pole to Lizzie.
Lady would step in if she needed to break up Lizzie's bossiness. All in really worked out. They did get along well and it was good for them to have these dog days together.

Lady & Lizzie

This photo below was in 2004 at my Mother-In-Law's yard. When my M-I-L passed away unexpectedly 3 years ago Lady lived with my Brother-in-law and his wife (my M-I-L had her own apt with Lady at their house) and they gave her the comfort of staying in the place she knew and loved. It was such a hard loss for us all. Lady too. She was her loving constant companion.

Lady had a great life moving from "shelter dog" rescued from being homeless and unwanted to having a family and friends that made her life loving and fun. It was such a wonderful gift from Eleanor that helped a bit to fill the void in my M-I-L's life.

Below is a picture of the 3 Amigos in action.

This image below was a painting I did of Lady that was in an exhibit of Animal Art at the Fall River Art Association. I have painted her several times for charity.

Last weekend Lady went to the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully she was reunited with her most M-I-L ... because the best of the best waits for us there, that is my belief.

It was my great pleasure to know her and love "Lady Bug."

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