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Friday, August 22, 2008

Jumping off the deep end....

...and hoping you can swim!

well at least in a pool you don't have far to go to reach the side or the ladder.
New just off the easel is this little abstract. I wasn't sure where I was going with the piece but then it told me the title and I'm sticking with it.
"Stormy Weather" is now listed on Ebay with 20% to the Northern Rockies Regional branch of the Humane Society.Stormy Weather abstract new CHRETIEN HSUS NRRO oil - eBay (item 110282316768 end time Aug-29-08 02:54:43 PDT)
Dave does the good heartfelt work can read about his exploits on the ART HELPING ANIMALS news Blog.Art Helping Animals News
I recently "stepped back" from the edge of the pool, so to speak, to take a little time from the harried pace of painting I had whipped myself into.
It feels good. "Vacation" does not ever seem to exist in my vocabulary or daily life. And even the words "stepping back" just don't seem to pack a full punch...I have 6 pieces of new work in various stages of completion in the studio. That is like an inside joke among my brushes. I think they are laughing at me.
Anyway... my pace is more leisurely as I work on some new things and dream of what is to come out of the end of this "laid back" period.
Sometimes even the artist is the spectator too.
Stay tuned...more to come.

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