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Friday, August 01, 2008

Point of View...with a Twist.

New England Curiosity Shoppe

Quiet Contemplation Sakonnet Point, Late Winter

POV....Everyone has their own when it comes to speaking about art. What is good art? What is bad art? The experts are always willing to tell you their point of view.

"Bad Art" itself has a following. There is a site somewhere in this online universe that is dedicated to Bad Art. "Good Art" or, maybe even, art that does some good is another point of view and probably encompasses both. Art is in the eye of the beholder when it is something you want to live with everyday.

I have written in the past of what success is to me and how people measure their successes.

I paint to express my interests in my own way, to tell a story or share a memory and... I paint hoping to sell my work to those who enjoy it. The "twist" is the where-with-all to do it on my own terms. That is where I feel most successful. I can make a 100% donation from the sale if my own heart feels the urge to do it for a particular cause. There have been some great causes and great sales that I have not profitted from other than to know it was the right thing to do at the time. I listen to my heart.

Recently I offered a cocker spaniel painting inspired by Dolly the blind cocker for the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England. It didn't sell...twice! ... even though it was offered at 100% donation. But all is not lost! It will be framed and shipped to the rescue as part of their annual fund raiser sale. It still becomes a win. Those who attend the yearly event will be on the lookout for art to purchase and the proceeds will definately help a cocker with medical issues and medical bills in the care of that rescue.

I feel blessed to have an ability to communicate with art and that when sold the work makes others a beneficiary of my time and creativity. Even small steps complete long journeys.

Small pieces and studies that I paint to help animals are naturally the ones that sell the easiest.

The twist is that ALL my work has a % donated to help animals waiting for their forever home.

Currently I have 50 paintings available on my web site ( examples above) some are big oils in frames some are very little pieces on board or canvas. The prices vary. The subjects vary. The buyers find what they like. The animals benefit.

My point of view on success as an artist is one continual doing.

You paint your heart on a canvas and hope someone falls for your vision. Your vision supports the good work of rescuers. You feel humbled and happy. It keeps you moving forward.

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