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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It is All About the Light - florals in oil paint

The work in this post today is about how I handle the challenge of painting light in oils in glazes.
I needed to start a different series apart from the animals allows me to get a fresh eye ready for the next series of animal subjects.
There are many cat paintings on the way to help Tabby's Place but in the mean time I wanted to get back to one of my favorite things...still life in glazes.
ALL the work I do has a charity donation attached to its sale.
Giving what I can to help is the underpinning of my work.
enjoy the images below!
white rose currently available on Ebay...painted to show the light through the petals
the translucent quality of glazing in oils.


a work in progress and on the easel.

This view of a white rose which is a symbol of spirituality is suggesting to me the look of an Angel.


SOLD and the first in the floral series. The low light in the last rays of the day cast blue light on this rose...the "star" among buds waiting for their day!

& Also ON THE EASEL...


From my 2007 garden images.... Working with light at high noon is the aim of this piece.

much more to come!

Please visit ART HELPING ANIMALS and my other links to the right!
Thanks so much for supporting animals in need with fine art!

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