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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A rose is a rose is a rose...Alchemy of Art

I love to paint still life and flowers are a real challenge for me. It has been said that painting Roses, in particular, are very challenging. I enjoy the abstract quality of painting still life.

It is fun to get lost in the shapes and values of objects and painting them in a way that you completely lose sight of the fact that it is a familiar object. I don't forget that a cat is a cat or a dog is a dog...I am consumed by the personality and aliveness of live subjects.

But....Still life, for me, is about finding my way around the subject and it becomes a treasure map that I get into and explore. I have compared it to being like Alice through the looking glass.

Later I stand back and it has turned into a Rose or wine glass or magically some other well known object and hopefully is telling a story.
On the Easel ...First Look!
is this oil of a rose and buds suggests to me the story of "UNDERSTUDIES" and how they support the "star"...unsung heroes that often come into their own and have their day.

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