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Friday, March 12, 2010

It is all about the HATS...

As I continue to follow the Muse along with pencil drawing I am being lead (no pun intended! LOL) down this path to the beautiful Black and White photography and lighting of the vintage beauties of the early 1900's into the 40's.
I love everything about the 30's & 40's and swear my last life was during that time.
These renderings are based on images from that time with some redesign on my part when it came to the hats, particularly.
They were mad about hats in those days. I love them. It took some kind of self confidence to wear some of those styles!
In any case, these are fun drawings for me as I teach myself some textures and just ENJOY the process of working on these old beauties.
I have researched through some of the copyright free vintage image sites to pull some of my favorite classic beauties from the early 1900's and will use some of those public figures to do some more work in graphite.
I'm am interested to see where this is going...even I never know.
Stay tuned.

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