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Monday, March 15, 2010

Feel the Burn...Out....?

Ziegfeld Girl
circa 1920's
a look, an attitude...those eyes, those lips!

By now you are wondering...what the heck is she doing these for????
LOL! well simply put, I am pulling myself back from the edge of burnout.

These are my exercises of something to clear my mind, regroup, refresh, and just take a pause.

Little known fact but I never, ever, ever draw. I haven't since I was a tween. I went straight to Oils at 13 and never looked back. That was a million years ago.

On and off over the years I have taken long breaks from painting and most all other art work and as I have mentioned in other posts, have been distracted by Life and situations that took me down other paths.

Right now, after 4 intense years of total focus on small, collectible paintings or large commissions I have found a need to step off the path a bit and just stop and take a breath.

So for a little while I am moving at a slower speed, taking a pause and playing with some ideas and just relaxing my very tight grip on the brush.
I think in the end it will be a very good thing for me and the causes I serve.

I hope you stay tuned will be as much a surprise for me as for you.

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