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Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas....oh yes, Virginia, we will have one!

Can you SPOT my Lizzie in the photo taken this morning of freshly falling snow?

She is looking up the path in her yard that is her track around her little patch of woods.
She usually flies straight out fromt he back door and does a couple of laps around, prancing and barking just in case there is a squirrel or chip munk lurking around.
Not this morning...she stopped short took a look and came back in. LOL!

Hope the winter snow is making you feel Christmasy but lets hope it clears up a bit so we can finish all our missions this week!

We REALLY do look like the Christmas cards we send with those white winter scenes and the New England feel.

If you are traveling in our area...stay safe...or even better ....stay home!

More to come!

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