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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Season of Love and Hope...

The Beautiful Ones
( Sterling and Day-Lee )
Carol Chretien
I had the great fortune of being able to paint these two wonderful dogs as a surprise Christmas exchange gift for fellow Art Helping Animals artist,
Melinda Dalke.
Sterling and Day-Lee are the much loved family dogs of the Dalke's.
Melinda supplied the reference images for the painting.
I have also had the great fortune of working with Melinda in the Art Helping Animals fellowship of artists for the past several years.
Melinda's work is incredibly fresh and creative, and highly collected. She works in many different mediums and is a wonderful supporter of helping rescues save Pitbulls with sales of her artwork.
I am the proud collector of several pieces of her work.
I wanted to share her two gorgeous dogs with you. I think they have so much love for each other and wonderful personalites.
Melinda Dalke lives in Oregon with her husband and is a founding member of
Art Helping Animals.

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