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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Girl...sunshine on a cloudy day....

Lizzie is "our" girl, "daddy's girl" and my very special Muse.
While I worry with today's latest finding that she needs to have a vet check tomorrow, and that we pray will be easy to correct a problem she is having.... We are so keenly aware of her age and the changes that come with it.
Up front we are thankful for a healthy, illness free life for her almost 12 yrs. More than many get. Still hard to accept when things change. And they always change. Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts from our friends.
I thought I would share the "real deal" pic of Liz below and some of my inspired (you have seen them before but indulge me) by Lizzie works on canvas.
She is one of the greatest Blessings of our lives.

Photo from this winter.

I'll post how she makes out in the next few days.
keeping the faith

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