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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Along the way... and here and there....

Above... Keyhole desk under the stained glass window of the front entry.

The front door is open here to let in the light for the pic. This is a light yellow "Whisper Yellow" that I really liked. Nice and soft. My portrait of Leo hangs in the entry.

The house was actually built around this window. It was a Christmas present from Leo the Christmas before we looked for land to build the house on.... '78 I think. He found it in an antique shop in Newport RI. Probably from an old church.

Coming up to the top of the stairs ...I found a nice chest for this little space and I was happy.
Pottery by Leo in college art class. :)

Lizzie demonstrating the Snooze before lunch. We are very casual in all things as you can see.
The little half wall behind her houses shelves with her toys :)

Liz in the kitchen. There are 2 paintings I kept of mine for the Kitchen. The other is on the tall wall ober the fridge.
When the TV bites the dust we will have lots of room for the flat screen spectacular. But hurry. :) this is looking back from near the sofa bed.
Views of the living area on the second floor. Yes we did everything and bathroom on the second floor. It is where the view of the yard and river are. So again lots of light and space and yes...a kingsized platform bed (sofa?) in the living room. We gave up a normal couch and chair for a place where we can all hang together at night and watch TV or read or just relax and all fit together with lots of room.
We got rid of the table and chairs and built the island instead ...the pic is is 8 ft long and 4 wide. I do all my shipping and wrapping duties for paintings here. It has lots of storage under it with 2 cabinets on this side with drawers and 4 big cabinets on the other side.
And the last room I painted (pics at top) was the entry (foyer) all paint was BEHR premium plus. If you want great wall paint... I recommend it.
If Life goes as planned or near to it I should be back to the studio by middle of June. Some little things to wrap up and some family things at the end of this month to do ... Thanks for looking and see you soon. :)
Peace and Cheers!


  1. Carol, I am in love with Whisper Yellow against your warm wood tones. Beautiful selection of color! What I wouldn't give to see your house in person. So you designed and built it? Terrific. No wonder it fits you so well. :)

  2. Gee, that was a lot of fun to see all your lovely projects completed. Very nice indeed.

  3. What a wonderful welcoming entry way. I love how your paintings enhance the warmth of your home.