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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Helping Missy...and she needs it.

Missy is a Dalmatian from GA that was saved from death by a rescue there...she was found under a house with her umpteeth litter...unfortunately the litter had to be euthanized. They are a small shelter with no resources and did the best they could for this poor girl.

The good news is she is in foster care because this rescue who couldn't keep her did the right thing and got in touch with DALMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA of the best! Susan, the founder of DRTB and friend who keeps me up on the latest homeless Dalmatian there, tells me she has heartworms, an ear infection and a bad case of kennel cough.

Missy needs lots of medical care and she is only 5 yrs old. She is getting rehabbed with love and care and will be a wonderful girl for her own family in no time ...she deserves it, she was almost bred to death. Imagine being her with no love and care for herself for 5 yrs.
Look at your own pets and companions and imagine that!
I can't.
But it is a fact and we have to act.
I will post the painting as soon as there are spots to show! It is on the easel.
contact the rescue or myself if you have any questions.

Contact DRTB if you need details about how to adopt her in the future or if you want to help in her support. She could use it. In the meantime I am working on a painting that will be offered to assist in her rehab.

She is the inspiration for the painting. Let others know too. We are all in this together.

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