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Sunday, January 18, 2009

FIRST LOOK! Undercover Caper

This new piece is on the easel and is the latest in the CAT & MOUSE TOY TALES Series.

Undercover Caper is another fun oil painting that stars the duo in yet another story together.
The reference image for this painting was of Emmi and her favorite toy mouse captured as
I was changing the bed linens. She was playing the game we play where she hides while I tuck them in...her toys are always there too...and when I lifted up the sheet to play with her I got the idea of having her mouse toy doing what she was doing. The Undercover Caper was the result.

Of course I am laughing the whole time. I have to get the image quickly (I think) and didn't have time to get a great exposure but she didn't budge. Which made the whole thing funnier...she did her best Mona Lisa thing and I got a great idea for the painting.

Available soon for helping homeless animals.

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